Regular Runs

The Classic Holden Car Club NT host a variety of runs throughout the year that appeal to different members. From car shows to family social outings there is something for everyone's taste. With the exception of the wet season, we generally have one function per month. During the busy dry season however, there can be events on almost every weekend. Some of the major events are detailed below. 


Committee meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 5pm. Members are welcome and encouraged to participate, please phone for times and venue details.



August; City to Souvlaki

The Picnic day long weekend is reserved for the "City to Souvlaki", hosted by club members  this is one of the highlight events for the club that's always well received. Starting at the Esplanade it is a mystery run through town and the rural area (around 1 1/2 hours). Ending in the rural area under some big shady trees for a taste of all things Greek. A feast of epic proportions of lamb and chicken on the spit and Greek salads and sweets it is something not to be missed. Tickets need to be pre purchased and at $20 per person it is the absolute best value deal anywhere.



August; AGM

The business end of the club, With a quick cruise through town (sometimes with a mystery stop off) it's off to the Hidden Valley to get down to Business. Apart from the general meetings it's here where member have their say on the running of the club, all committee  positions are open and available and its a great way to recap the year. There is a General meeting after the AGM. Once business is over it's for a BBQ overlooking the racing on the circuit, food and drinks supplied




Christmas break up and Bowls Night

This is the last official function of the year for the club, we gather at Planet Tenpin at Night cliff for a couple of games of bowling, some get into the spirit of things and dress Christmassy for the occasion. It's a fun night out and the last chance to catch up with fellow members in an official capacity.